RETREAT SCHEDULE, April 27 - May 3, 2018


 Friday, April 27



On Friday, April 27, we will pick you + the rest of the group up at London Heathrow International Airport, Terminal 3 at 1pm. We will then travel onto Cornwall together and book into the Camelot Castle Hotel, located in Tintagel, the legendary birth place of King Arthur. We will share a welcome meal, followed by an opening ceremony at the table rock that over looks the cliffs towards the castle.

Saturday, April 28



On Saturday, we are at the mercy of the waves, when the tide allows we will venture down to connect, pray and hold space in Merlin's cave. Situated beneath the ruins of the Iron age fortress and said to be the magical haunt of the Wizard Merlin, the cave is a magical wonderland-- and we will share more of its lore this day. Then we head on up to the castle itself, where you are left to explore the imposing headland and immerse yourselves in the haunting energy that dwells there. Afterwards, we will have time to relax and explore the quaint Cornish village of Tintagel.

Sunday, April 29

waterfall 3.jpg


First thing Sunday morning, we hold prayers and connect with Spirit, performing an ancient runic position of Stanza and chanting Galdr ( to crow,) fully-charged and ready to head out to Boscastle, where we can experience the strange and curious items in the witchcraft museum. That afternoon we will then take a enchanting hike to St Nectan's Glen, and wash away all negative energy in the mystical waterfall, just absorbing the Faerie energies of this Holy place. 

Monday, April 30



On Monday morning, we will leave The Camelot Castle Hotel by 10 am and head for the Isle of Avalon and Glastonbury. We will arrive at the Healing Waters Retreat House around 1pm, unpack and rest. Then, we will gather at the Holy Thorn tree to ask permission to work on this sacred land. Afterwards, we will hold ceremony in the White Spring, an enchanting cave/shrine beneath the Tor, where we will pray, a pick a rune that will work with us during our time in Avalon. We sit in vigil, in silence and then allowing our inner voice to sing, to chant, to cry and let the healing begin. In the evening, fire, stories and vision quests.



Walking with Wizards, Jeremy guides the group around the more obscure local, magical sites, connecting us back to the Earth and its nurturing energy. In the afternoon, we will have free time to explore the cornucopia of amazing stores and book shops in the wonderfully strange town of Glastonbury. Again in the evening, we will share vision quests and storytelling in the Yurt.



On Wednesday, we will explore The Abbey, the orchards, the kitchens and the graves of Arthur and Guinevere... walking in the footsteps of thousands and thousands of pilgrims before us.

In the early evening, we will leave for private access to Stonehenge, where there will be no more than 30 (including us) people within our access group... A time to connect with the mysteries of the ancient monument and give thanks for all we have learnt on our quest.


Holy Thorn Glastonbury.jpg

Thursday, May 3

On our final morning, we will head back to the Holy thorn to thank the hand maidens of Avalon for allowing us to work with the medicine of the land and to say farewell until next time we meet. The bus will pick you up from Healing Waters Retreat at 12pm to return you to London Heathrow International Airport. 

*In case of low attendance (less than 4 people) we reserve the right to cancel this retreat or to modify its length and content. You will be informed if this is the case and allowed to cancel any deposit if you wish to cancel.

“Those movies... ridiculously inaccurate. The real gods of Asgard — Thor, Loki, Odin, and the rest — are much more powerful than anything Hollywood could concoct.”
— Rick Riordan