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Jeremy RJ White

I am Vitki, a Norse medicine man, priest and shaman. I follow the path of Odin in everything I do and use the Elder Futhark Runes as my guide. I am honored to speak his words, to teach his wisdom, and use his magic the modality of healing. This is my purpose, and as a Vitki, I allow people to connect with this divine source, to find magick and healing through exploration of the unseen.

As a shaman, my roles are to listen to questions, find answers, teach, guide and, always hold a space of protection and trust.

Even as a child, I remembered Celtic and Norse tales, speaking them at will with clarity and knowing. Today, as a land guardian, that knowledge has come full circle as I lead people on journeys of self-discovery; through time, to our ancestors and their history on Earth. I am honoured to be the medicine man at the corner of the village, a teacher who knows the old ways—those simple, yet profound and magical ways—that lead others to great transformations.

I walk the land, read the runes, and use shamanic skills to allow healing. I tell the old stories and I draw back the veil upon the enchanted realm. I open doorways to provide a glimpse of the reality that there is something more.

It is important for you to know that I can heal, but I am not a healer; I can read, but I am not a reader. I guide individuals toward their own healings, and self-readings.


Guillaume gauthereau

Guillaume has been working with plant medicines and shamanic teachers for over 10 years. He has a deep practice in meditation (certified instructor). He is also certified in Reiki (Reiki Master, Medical Reiki Master & Shamanic Reiki), Sound Healing, and Shamanic Rune work.

He is founder and owner of The Sanctuary (, a healing center and practice in NYC and Callicoon, NY, where he does in depth work with individuals, groups and corporations.

He also grows medicinal plants and prepares medicinal plant tinctures that he uses with his clients. He studied in depth Advaita Vedanta with one of the US’ oldest teachers on that path, and travels extensively in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Peru to deepen his practice and knowledge.